Guided Quail Hunt: How Never To Get Ripped Off Again

guided quail hunt

The whole point of a guided quail hunt is that you’re supposed to be working with a professional, right?

Quail hunting is supposed to be fun, right?

And quail hunting Mississippi … well that should be more than fun, that’s supposed to be heaven on earth.

You think of the experience creating funny stories from the road trips, time with some of your closest friends, or maybe that much overdue hunt with your son who’s been away from home for a while now.

So you look to Google and you search Quail Hunting Mississippi or Guided Quail Hunts.

You find search results at the top of the page, click a link, and discover the perfect guided quail hunt for sale.

Yet, on the day you take that trip, before you even load the gun, you have this sinking feeling as you hear that voice in your head say, “This guy isn’t what he said he was.”

Friends, not every quail guide service is perfect for every customer. Here’s a couple of quick tips relevant for any guided quail hunt that hopefully will save you from ever having to feel that sinking feeling again from purchasing a guided quail hunt gone wrong:

Review the Reviews From Those Who Have Gone Before You With The Outfitter On A Guided Quail Hunt

Aside from hunting birds behind the poetry of pointing dogs, my other great passion is fly-fishing. Early in our relationship I wanted to introduce my wife to the sport. 

From Mississippi, we are close to some great fisheries in Arkansas. I went online and found a place to stay that offered a guide service. The pictures hooked me: lovely accommodations overlooking a roaring river famous for Trout. The guide could help her learn the basics while I cast over prime waters. 

But, the first thing we saw upon arrival was the owner of the establishment stumbling across a frost-speckled parking lot, completely drunk. In his underwear. Tighty. Whities. The “cabins” were half the size they appeared on the website. The “guide” knew nothing of fly-fishing. 

Lesson: Anyone can pay someone else to create an enticing website. 

Takeaway: Go the extra mile. Check social media. Read the reviews. Then, direct message a customer or client who posted the content for a private conversation about their experience to get their unguarded opinion of the place.

I was lazy and in a hurry. And it cost me money.

We now have some great stories from that weekend. Unfortunately, none of them include fish. 

Make Personal Contact With The Outfitter. Always.

Any reputable quail hunting outfitter offering a guided quail hunt desires one thing above all else: Repeat Business. And, repeat business comes from establishing personal relationships with people who purchased a guided quail hunt.

You are taking part in an exchange that goes beyond legal tender for goods and services. You are developing a bond. The best guides are teachers. They are great conversationalists who desire a relationship with you.

Making personal contact with them prior to arrival is essential. It is also the best way for you to decide if this particular service is worth your time and money.

Prepare a few questions regarding your outing.

Don’t wait until you get them on the phone to talk it through. Have your questions on hand so that you can cover all the areas important to you.

Never assume anything. Be specific. Remember, the owner or guide isn’t a mind reader, and you’d be stunned at how many hunters assume the outfitter provided food, or lodging, or guns. 

And as you ask, pay attention, pay close attention, to how they respond.

Do they offer the experience you are seeking?

Do they sound competent and honest?

Can you sense a degree of commonality? 

You should leave a short phone conversation with a feeling of anticipation and excitement. If not, try another service until you find the right chemistry. Both you and the guide service will be better for it in the long run. 

As someone who puts time and passion into providing guided hunts, I can promise you, I love it when a potential client does their background research. It helps me know what they are looking for in an experience.

If these insights helped you, I’ll bet they will help another hunter you know make sure their time and money are well spent.

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