Autumn is for Everyone

The autumnal equinox is now two days behind us; and, almost on cue, the heavy air lifted and we could all breathe again here in Northwest Mississippi. Upon waking the morning of the 22nd, I knew something was amiss. Pumpkin Spice filled the air, my daughter awoke with her first head cold of the year,…

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3 Reasons To Start a Hunting Journal Today

Hunting Journal

Here’s why a hunting journal matters: birds hunters become nostalgic five minutes after their first hunt. Within a few seasons the condition is nearly a disorder. The world whirls around, hurling us into an unknown future, while we look back into a mist-tinted memory of a hazy afternoon when the points were intense, the shooting…

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Guided Quail Hunt: How Never To Get Ripped Off Again

guided quail hunt

The whole point of a guided quail hunt is that you’re supposed to be working with a professional, right? Quail hunting is supposed to be fun, right? And quail hunting Mississippi … well that should be more than fun, that’s supposed to be heaven on earth. You think of the experience creating funny stories from…

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