For over a decade I have been quail hunting Mississippi, but I've hunted all other game native to this area all of my life. Throughout the years I have tried to pay attention and learn all that I am capable of learning from wingshooters, young and old. It is in the spirit of sharing what I have heard, learned and seen that I thought to develop Standing Point.  

Standing Point is far more than stories. Or strategies. Or information. It's my way of creating a community for those who look at life through lenses colored by dogs, flushes, and most importantly, the people closest to them.

Hunting JournalClick here to see an example of some of the material you are likely to receive when you sign up. Not long after we published this piece, it was picked up by Mossberg, and cited by Jason Cruise on his Rugged American Hunter series.

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You didn't have to grow up quail hunting Mississippi to appreciate Standing Point. But when you receive ityou're going to want it because it is going to help your journey in the field, make you feel a closer part of the bird hunting community or maybe just tell a tall tale about dogs with tall tails, whose noses never fail them.

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Just real-life thoughts, dreams, failures, strategies and insights to make this life we live as bird hunters a bit sweeter.

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