Trout Valley Quail FAQ

What Kind Of License Do I Need?
All you need is a hunting license long enough to cover your stay here.

1. Click The Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks logo to take you to license descriptions. Pay close attention as licenses vary.

2. Click the following link to purchase the license online: online purchase

Are There Guns Available To Use Or Must I Bring My Own?
As a general rule, you need to bring your own firearm. Should special circumstances arise, we do have a few guns available at a daily usage fee. 

Is Ammunition Provided Or Do I Bring My Own?
You should plan on bringing your own ammunition. Most people shoot between one and two boxes of shells per half-day hunt. This, of course changes depending on how good of a shot you are. The logic we follow is the same as our philosophy on gun ownership: it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. 

What's The Best Ammunition Suggested?
We suggest light loads, whatever gauge shotgun you are using. 7 1/2s or 8 shot.

Is There A Limit To Number Of Hunters On A Hunt?
We like to hold our groups to a maximum of 4 guns. That said, we have the capacity to hunt several locations at once so with larger crowds we simply split into groups. We have hunted as many as 16 in one afternoon.

What Type Of Habitat Will I Be Hunting?
You'll be hunting both rolling hills and Delta cropland/CRP. It all depends on how the day is structured so be prepared for both. Either way, you'll encounter heavy cover that consists of thick briars, thorn trees, open woods, and thickets. Be prepared as well for encountering or crossing low-lying areas that at times during the winter will hold shallow amounts of water.

Are There Do-It-Yourself Hunting Options?
Absolutely. We offer self-guided options if you have your own dog.