Family Friendly Guided Quail Hunt Mississippi

Quail Hunting Mississippi

Trout Valley Quail has been taking customers Mississippi quail hunting since the 2010-2011 quail season. Since that time we’ve developed a fun and devoted community of quail hunters. Some of them are local and some are from far-flung locales. From Georgia to Alaska; Columbia to South Africa; and, of course, right here in Northwest Mississippi, we’ve been blessed and grateful to have the best customers having the best time possible every fall, winter and early spring. Book Now!

Quail Hunting Packages

Spend a day afield with a friendly and knowledgeable guide behind a pair of professionally-trained bird dogs. Each hunter has birds released the day of the hunt, but may kill and keep as many as they can hit.

Half day packages, full day packages or all-inclusive packages with lodging are offered. Refreshments are offered at midday on full day hunts. Choose to have your guide clean and package your birds after the hunt while you and your friends relax or do it yourself. See more package information.


Why Choose Trout Valley Quail?

If you’ve never been on a Quail hunt then you are missing out. Here at Mississippi’s destination for good times and great memories, Trout Valley Quail, the shooting has never been better.

So far we’ve set records for both the number of customers and the number of birds harvested during our Mississippi quail hunts. The dog work and the shooting have never been better. It sure makes a quail hunt guide and dog handler proud. If you haven’t booked a Mississippi quail hunt yet this year come to Tallahatchie County, and let us treat you to one of the best days you will spend this year. Bring your friends and family along. A North Mississippi quail hunt is one of the country’s best kept secrets, but we are blowing the lid off that. Our clients have come from as far away as New York, Alaska and even across the pond in England. Mississippi quail hunting has never been more popular.

At Trout Valley Quail Preserve we are dedicated to providing the best quail hunting the area has to offer. So check out the Reservations page and book your hunt today.

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For over a decade I have been quail hunting Mississippi, but I've hunted all other game native to this area all of my life. Throughout the years I have tried to pay attention and learn all that I am capable of learning from wingshooters, young and old. It is in the spirit of sharing what I have heard, learned and seen that I thought to develop Standing Point.  

Standing Point is far more than stories. Or strategies. Or information. It's my way of creating a community for those who look at life through lenses colored by dogs, flushes, and most importantly, the people closest to them.