A New Season is Upon Us

Good Evening,

With a new season upon us, the time is now to go ahead and book your hunt if you haven’t already. We have had an abundance of bookings already this summer, and I want everyone to get the dates they most desire. Be sure to check out relatively new offerings: the ”Hunt Your Own Farm” and ”Hunt and Bunk” packages.

We have a few exciting announcements that we think will add to your experience with us and in your interaction with all things afield. Along with a new season, we are also rebranding Standing Point to include more stories told through both traditional and more modern media, as well as diversifying the places we hunt.

  1. Expanding Standing Point into a podcast and more regularly scheduled newsletter: This has long been the plan for what I want to become the media arm of Trout Valley Quail Preserve. With degrees in history and English and an MA in journalism, it should go without saying that I love a good story. Our goal here is good, solid narratives told from regular folks who spend their time out among the wilds of creation. I hope you will consider both subscribing to it, and if you think you would make a good guest, pitch it to me. We have already begun recording the first season and will start releasing them soon. We will always send them out via the newsletter first. If you would like to advertise or support us, call me: (662) 832-6770.
  2. Acceptance of submissions for the newsletter: This has been a long time coming. There are so many of you who tell me great stories when we are out there chasing birds that it is impossible for me to remember them all. I want Standing Point to be a repository for stories of Americans afield. Since it is impossible for me to remember them all, I want both the newsletter and the podcast to highlight you, my customers. I want to help you get your best stories told and recorded for posterity. As noted above my academic background includes a Master’s Degree in journalism, and I have a robust background editing, interviewing and writing for publication. If you would like to contribute, simply email your story and 3-5 accompanying photos to cal@troutvalleyquail.com for consideration. Ideally, the story should run between 500-800 words. I like gripping narratives told in striking prose. If you have something that will work, send it my way.
  3. Expansion of acreage: We tried out some new properties starting about halfway through the season last year, and your reaction to them was overwhelmingly positive. We have dumped a lot of time, energy and resources into them over the summer and we think you are going to love the new places we have to hunt. We are, of course, not giving up any ground and will hunt our normal properties, as well.
  4. New guide and his coming new business: Close to 150 of you last year had the pleasure of hunting with our new guide, Brannon Kirby. Brannon is now fully retired (at 50 yrs. old) and is ready to initiate his retirement plan: to guide quail hunts and crappie fishing trips. He has spent the summer selecting and buying a new Setter (Wyatt) to compliment his Brittany, Ruby. And, he has purchased a state of the art 23’ War Eagle with a 150 hp motor. Whether it’s catfishing on the Mississippi or chasing crappie on the reseviors, Brannon has you covered. His new business: Franklin Fishing Tours, will get off the ground some time in the late winter/early spring, so be sure to ask him about it when you come to shoot birds.

Okay, that’s all for now. Be sure to click on the ”book a hunt” tab and get your spot reserved today. It really is filling up faster than ever for this time of year.

And, send me stories to publish for you. I’m looking forward to a great season filled with great stories of Americans afield.

Thank you,

Cal Trout