The Farm

welcomePicTrout Valley Quail was established in 2011 by Cal Trout on his family’s ancestral farm in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. This area of Mississippi once hosted a vibrant native quail population. Until the 1970s quail hunting was a prominent aspect of local culture. Since then, due to changing agricultural practices and a booming predator population, the numbers of native, wild quail have plummeted.

In an effort to reinvigorate this aspect of local hunting culture, Trout established Trout Valley Quail Preserve. Trout Valley Farm hosts a number of wild quail coveys that have maintained a presence on their own. Currently we do not hunt these wild birds. In an effort to cultivate their continuity, we practice several conservation methods aimed at ensuring their promulgation.

Our hunts feature the finest in liberated quail hunts this region has to offer. We have several packages from which you may choose, and can tailor packages to meet your specific needs.
In Mississippi we pride ourselves on hospitality and the beauty of the outdoors. You won’t find a more friendly or beautiful place in the state than along the edge of the Mississippi Delta where the bluffs end suddenly offering a sharp contrast with the Delta stretching out flat into the horizon. It is a visually stimulating area to enjoy first-rate dog work while testing your wing-shooting prowess against flushing quail.
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